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Marketing, advisory & investment fund.

Empowering the next wave of Web3 brands.

BasementDAO is a multifaceted firm offering marketing services, expert advisory and investment. We drive business growth through tailored marketing campaigns, provide strategic guidance for improved performance, and manage our diversified investments in new and exciting projects in web3.

With a focus on customization, expertise, and transparency, we empower clients to thrive in their respective endeavours.

We assist and invest in a large range of sectors in web3 as we believe that mass adoption is coming sooner rather than later.

Featured Clients

Annual gross revenue

Getting to work only began in October 2022 but BasementDAO are now generating a healthy 7-figures per year in revenue.


Assets under management

Starting from nothing but becoming something. We invest in the most promising projects in web3.

Projects with marketing support

Over the years, the BasementDAO founders have been able to help over 150 projects with their marketing efforts.


With an extremely strong network and multiple years of experience in the cryptocurrency landscape, our team is able to provide a range of services to help your project gain traction and adoption in this web3 world.

Our team specialize in three key areas of the web3 space. Marketing, fundraising and advisory. These are services that we can provide to help your project reach its full potential.


Our team of experts provide custom marketing solutions for web3 and cryptocurrency projects by utilising our large network of influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s).


We conduct in-depth research and analysis on blockchain assets and assist in raising funds for the best projects out there. We also ensure that we have skin in the game and invest ourselves.


We provide expert advisory services, offering strategic insights, operational improvements, and flexible guidance to help projects make informed decisions and succeed.

BasementDAO is a venture capital fund that started with $0.00.

Our goal was to generate revenue through our expertise in web3 marketing followed by deploying capital into new and exciting protocols in the space.

Our aim is to grow BasementDAO into a leading and transparent VC that was organically grown without a single dollar invested.

BasementDAO was founded by TheCryptoCactus, PostyXBT and 0xBackwards. Three experienced crypto traders and investors who have previously worked with over 150 projects, invested in 50+ early-stage startups, and have deployed over $2,000,000.


We invest in projects that we truly believe in.

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